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、智高专注在光电化学、精密洗净、润滑、防锈行业,深耕 17 年,专业产品,专利和技术,安全可靠,先进的生产设备仪器的人才技术经验更易解决客户问题。 1. Chigo focuses on the photoelectrochemical, precision cleaning, lubrication, and rust prevention industries. After 17 years of intensive cultivation , professional products, patents and technologies, safe and reliable, advanced production equipment and instruments are more likely to solve customer problems.

、在中国主要工业城市拥有自己工厂、仓库、办事处和物流队伍,交货方便、准时。 2. With its own factories, warehouses, offices and logistics teams in major industrial cities in China, delivery is convenient and on time.

、培训有素及经验丰富的业务人员为客户及时解决售前、售中、售后相关问题。 3. Well-trained and experienced business staff to solve pre-sale, sale, and after-sales related issues for customers in a timely manner.

、经验丰富、受过专业高等教育和专业培训研发技术工程师为客户提供创新高效、安全环保产品、优化生产流程工艺、提升生产效率及提供产品使用技术服务和增值。 4. Experienced and professionally trained R & D technical engineers provide customers with innovative, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly products, optimize production processes and processes, improve production efficiency, and provide technical services and value-added products.

、先进实验室的仪器、设备、技术人员为客户提供品质安全、环保检测及新产品,新工艺开发及让客户使用产品不过时同时提供可靠强大的技术支持。 5. Advanced laboratory instruments, equipment, and technical personnel provide customers with quality and safety, environmental protection testing and new products, new process development and let customers use products without providing reliable and strong technical support.

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