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ERP 系统、 ISO9001 体系、采购品质体系、生产过程品质控制体系等提高产品质量。 Chigo has established a complete quality control system, talent training system, ERP system, ISO9001 system, procurement quality system, and production process quality control system to improve product quality.

、合格供应商标准建立 1. Establishment of qualified supplier standards

、产品配方确认建立 2. Confirmation of product formula

、原料质量标准建立 3. Establishment of raw material quality standards

、生产工艺标准建立 4. Establishment of production process standards

、原料入库前检测 5. Inspection before raw materials are put into storage

、生产投料钱检测 6 , production input money detection

、成品包装前检测 7. Inspection before finished product packaging

、送货出库前检测 8. Detection before delivery

、客户使用标准确认 9 , customer use standard confirmation

、国家标准符合确认 10. Confirmation of national standards compliance

、生产设备操作确认 11. Production equipment operation confirmation

、先进仪器检测分析 12 , advanced instrument detection and analysis

、先进精良自动化生产线 13. Advanced and sophisticated automated production line

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