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Dry cleaning emu oil
Auxiliary agent (dry cleaning emu oil) is a synthetic surfactant, suitable for adding chlorinated, fluorinated and petroleum solvents for dry cleaning. It is an ideal additive for dry cleaning. It has suspending ability, it can suspend dirt particles and prevent ...
Petroleum dry cleaning oil
Dry-cleaning suits, sweaters, fashion materials, leather. It is more effective and more environmentally friendly with laundry auxiliaries. It is currently the environmentally-friendly dry cleaning agent preferred by laundry shops. Use of petroleum-based dry cleaners
Tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning oil
Dry-cleaning suits, sweaters, silk, and popular clothing. The effect is more ideal when combined with laundry auxiliaries, which can be reused by distillation to reduce costs. Especially suitable for dry cleaning shops, hotels, nitrate leather factory washing. Use a tetrachloroethylene dry cleaner.
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